This years garden was by far the best and most productive in all my years of growing. Every pepper plant was at full capacity! Many hours went into prepping, planting, picking and production for this years sauce inventory. As a reminder all of my sauces are limited in quantities. I have already started going through the new seed catalogs watching for my favorite pepper seeds. I have been growing my Caribbean Red Peppers from my saved seed for over 13 years now. My Ghost Pepper seed was first ordered in 2009 and I have been growing from saved seed ever since.

Shipping update: . Depending on where the order is shipping to and how much it weighs it can really change the price range. If you would like me to verify your shipping costs,you can always email me your address and your order and I can send you back a total so you can add that to your PayPal or if your paying by check or money order. If you would like, I can send you an invoice through PayPal for your order.

If you have seen posts regarding our Jalapeno Thick & Chunky, the word is out. What a great tasting sauce! I think I may have to up my 30 Jalapeno plants next year to 40!

Thanks again for your continued support.
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