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Chunky Jalapeno


Enter how many bottles you would like to order.
1-11 Single Bottles.
12 Bottles is 1 case.
24 Bottles is 2 cases.
36 Bottles is 3 cases.


Product Description

Our new Thick & Chunky Jalapeno has really recieved great reviews with the trials from customers that have sampled this flavorful sauce! The heat level is slightly warmer than our Jalapeno Sauce. With the addition of ground up Jalapeno and seeds the flavor just can’t be beat. It is a pourable sauce unlike our other sauces where you have to shake them out. Supplies of this sauce are very limited this year.

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1 $4 USD, 2 $8 USD, 3 $12 USD, 4 $16 USD, 5 $20 USD, 6 $24 USD, 12 $48 USD


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