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Nitro 2.0


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24 Bottles is 2 cases.
36 Bottles is 3 cases.


Product Description

Herman’s Nitro 2.0 takes you to the next heat level! 2.0 outshines your standard hot sauces and is truly a gourmet sauce made with the Ghost Chile pepper “Bhut Jaloki” A blend of peppers, garlic and other vegetables add to it’s great flavor. This sauce has an excellent flavor with plenty of heat. What is great about the Nitro 2.0 is that it allows you 10 to 15 seconds to taste everything about it and the food you use it on before the heat rolls in. Use it in your favorite recipes or try it in one of ours.

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1 $4 USD, 2 $8 USD, 3 $12 USD, 4 $16 USD, 5 $20 USD, 6 $24 USD, 12 $48 USD


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