From: Tommy T. – Boardman OH.
Tried it, Liked it, Want more!!!

From: Dave W. – New Castle Pa.
Holy Cow!!!, My mouth is on fire, but it’s a good thing, I like it!

Chris K. Wheeling – West Virginia
This sauce is truly the best I have ever had and I’m a dedicated “Pepper Head”. If you think HOT means no flavor, this sauce will change your mind. It is very hot but also full of flavor. I have tried diligently to find a sauce with the same heat and flavor ratio and have failed. Although my refrigerator is full of many brands of hot sauce, I always reach for Herman’s!

Tom F. – Cleveland Ohio
Skip and Danny turned me on to it. Outstanding taste keep up the good work!

Jason (aka – Hollywood) – Chicago IL.
Wow, the only thing hotter than Herman’s Sauce was my prom date back in high school…this sauce will blow your socks off. I suggest you carry around one extra bottle just in case you run out of gas (but be careful this stuff is explosive) I put this up against anyone, Emeril has nothing on Herman’s Hot Sauce, (Bam)!!! Purchased mine at the Canfield Fair, glad to see I can get it online and not just once a year at the fair.

Tyler T. – Sharon PA.
Really Hot and full of Flavor. This is truly the best hot sauce that I have found. I can not count how many lunches have been spent with numb lips!!!

Nick C. – Boardman Oh.
Herman- I tried your hot sauce at the Canfield Fair on a DiRusso’s Hot Sausage sandwich, and it is absolutely the very best sauce I’ve tried. Not only was the “fire” there, but I was still able to taste the flavor throughout the sandwich. Most hot sauces are just that: hot, but you loose the flavor after the initial burn–not yours! Outstanding dude! And for you who might think it’s not H*O*T–wrong, it’s hot, but “it’s Herman’s!” We’re interested in carrying it in our Grocery Store: Rulli Family Foods in McDonald, OH, so give me a call–everyone should try this stuff!!!!!!

George K. – Queens, NY
I purchased a bottle of Herman’s Hot Sauce at the Canfield Fair, and I tried it that night…it was great! Unfortunately for me, my buddy Mike also liked it, and I gave the rest of the bottle to him. I’ve just got to have some more! Can you ship some to me in NYC? If so, I’d like to buy several, and give some to my friends who love spicy food. Please send me six (6) bottles if you still have any left from this year’s batch. Thank you so much, and good luck “getting people sauced”.

Bill A. – West Side – Youngstown
Purchased from: Rulli Family Foods. Believe me I’ve tried every hot sauce I can get my hands on, this has the best flavor and stimulating heat! My favorite has always been the habenero pepper. Thank you Herman! One bottle is to little so I’ll be getting a case!

Anthony & Jennifer – Charlotte NC
J.J. and I have putting your Herman’s Hot Sauce on everything from pizza to celery with cream cheese! We can’t get enough of it…we are already a quarter of the way through the first bottle! But I found out it is actually a cure for something…what, you might ask? I had a stuffy head and nose when I got home from work tonight and I had Herman’s Hot Sauce on celery with cream cheese and wouldn’t you know I broke out in a sweat and started blowing my nose. I swear it relieved some of the pressure from my head! I’m going to have more of it before I go to bed…

Chuck S. – Indianapolis Ind.
My daughter Sharon has become an addict. She has become the Herman’s Hot Sauce police around the home. God forbid you waste any. My wife likes to put it on her plate and dunk. This is totally unacceptable to my daughter and she had straighten her mother out.

Tom W. – Poland Ohio
The first time I had “Herman’s Hot Sauce” it burnt off some taste buds, but there was still lots of flavor left for the rest of them. Now in my fridge you will find several brands of hot sauce but there is only one that gets used because of its heat and flavor, that’s—–“Herman’s Hot Sauce”. Use the Best, Ditch the Rest.

Sharon S. -Indianapolis Ind.-
The- Best hot sauce ever! I found that a bottle isn’t empty till the 4th or 5th time of adding water and shaking. Don’t stop making it!

Tanker Roanoke VA.
Best Hot Sauce Ever. Love the heat and the flavor.

Marc O. Masury Ohio
This is some of the best hot sauce around! Better than Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce and for half the price. I tried this sauce at a local bar in Sharon Pa. I believe this sauce would make an awesome Bloody Mary. You could also make a new shot drink and call it “Herman’s Hot Shot” !!!

Jerry H. Washington PA.
It’s the best hot sauce I have found yet!!! I could never really find a hot sauce quite hot enough but I finally found it and now some buddies and myself are ordering by the case!!!

Mike F. Bremerton Washington
Tommy Fynes turned me on to this stuff. I love it !! Best hot sauce you can get !!

Wendall L. Kalama Washington
Herman’s Hot Pepper Dust is the best! I am in the Army and have traveled around quite a bit. I have tried hot sauces, ground pepper, and various hot pepper pastes but none of them compare to Herman’s!

Jim R. St. Louis Missouri
I received a bottle of your sauce from a friend named Bill in St. Charles Missouri. Best sauce I have ever had, Thanks Jim

SSG Benjamin Steele – Gig Harbor WA
A friend shared some Herman’s with me, and I’ve taken a bottle to work with me at each job I’ve had since then. And at each job, I’ve had to leave it behind because my soldiers love it. It’s good on enchiladas, omelets, tacos, chicken, chili, pizza, and pretty much everything else I’ve tried it on. Hot, but tasty too. This is bar none my favorite hot sauce!

Nick C. – Boardman Ohio
Well, we decided to do a little “Safety Promo” using “Herman’s Hot Sauce” at 54 of our sites across the country. For branding purposes, I can’t say our name, but let’s just say we’re one of the larger national insurance companies. We printed a tag that reads: “Keep Safety a Hot Topic!” Needless to say, we even generated a “Hot Sauce Data Sheet” (HSDS) with Herman’s permission, kind of along the lines of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that industry uses for chemicals. We used this as part of our safety training program, and I can tell you after hearing from almost all 54 sites, they absolutely love the flavor, and even some of the Texas group admitted it was flavorful and hot–ok, but some said “yeah, but it ain’t Texas.” Oh well, sorry we couldn’t accommodate them all! So as far as flavor, I’d go 9/10 loved it! As for Heat well, Herman said he now has a “Nitro 2.0”–I’ll stick with the original Herman’s Hot Sauce!!! Great Job Herman, it really is a great flavor that gives some heat but let’s you enjoy the food!

Anthony L. Lordstown, Ohio
I tried Herman’s months ago. My mouth has literally been watering for the taste again. I finally visited Herman in Vienna and bought a case. Herman’s has a very unique and satisfying taste with a nice kick!!! I recommend it to any hot sauce connoisseur.

K Smither: Boca Raton, FL
I added three good shakes of the Nitro 2.0 to a 3 ½ qt. pot of my award winning Chili. My wife commented: Did you do something different to the Chili..? It seems to have a little kick to it;;! Herman: please send me 2 cases ASAP! I want to share your Hot Sauce with my family and friends!

Andrew W; Louisville, Ky
Herman’s Nitro 2.0 Sauce is excellent. I use it in everything. It’s my favorite hot sauce. Many other hot sauce brands can infuse a high level of heat, but they often lack flavor. The Nitro 2.0 is the best of both worlds when it comes to flavor and intense heat. You can taste the many different peppers used in this sauce, as well as some I have yet to identify. I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t.

Bill G: Youngstown, Ohio
I have tried many different HOT sauces in my day, but Herman’s is without a doubt the Hottest and tastiest of them all. I tried it at the Fair and my wife and I both agreed we needed more. To make a long story short, I picked up 11 bottles from Herman himself and will never be purchasing anything else.

Missy W: Columbiana, Ohio
My husband tried your hot sauce at the Canfield Fair. He really liked it. By the time he had it again at the Columbiana Street Fair he was hooked! I haven’t tried it but if he is impressed with the flavor/heat it must be good! I’ve been trying to “wow” him with various hot sauces for years and this is the first one that he’s actually asked me to find for him!

Michael C: Colton, California
ATTENTION all Chiliheads!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY a hot sauce with some FANTASTIC flavor that is actually hot enough WITHOUT that extract taste!! WOW Herman’s got it goin. If you take your hot sauce as seriously as I do, THIS IS A MUST TRY!!!! My buddy Bill in Cornersburg (Youngstown Ohio) was so impressed by this sauce he told me I must try it and sent me 3 bottles to California.

Ed Cvelbar: Salem, Ohio
Prior to trying Herman’s Nitro sauce I never really ate anything much hotter than a Jalapeno. Then I tried Herman’s Nitro 2.0 sauce and got hooked on it. Initially, one or two drops in a bowl of chili was about all I could handle. Now I use 6 or 7 drops. Best of all you not only get a nice “burn,” the added flavor is great too. If you want a tasty, flavorful sauce try the Nitro 2.0.

Raymond M: St. Charles Mo
Great flavor!!!! Order by the case as your friends will definitely want you to share! Thanks for the prompt shipping.

Jason: Cleveland Ohio
Found Herman’s at IX Center beer tasting event. Love it! Extra hot but not ridiculous. Had some on my Gyro last night and pasta tonight. Also highly recommend the cheese ball recipe its great!

Steve G: Lakewood Ohio
I love the hot sauce. Was a Tabasco fan for years, but I love that this is local and it tastes better & has more natural heat. Keep up the great work, I hope you make a million. The Best

Richard West: Bremerton WA
If you haven’t tried Herman’s as your “go-to” hot sauce in Bloody Mary’s, you are missing the best part of the drink…AWESOME!!!

Jeremy Stewart : Waynesburg Pa.
This hot sauce has quickly become my favorite. Mix the hot sauce in with some tarter sauce to awaken your fish sandwiches. My favorite is mixing Herman’s with Miracle Whip light in my tuna sandwiches. Another great idea is putting it on egg sandwiches along with a little Heinz Ketchup. There is nothing better than a little spice in the stomach to get you moving in the morning, well other than coffee. This hot sauce also has a good blend of garlic, pepper and spices to help keep the doctor away! Thanks for coming up with such a great product and for the fast shipping! I’m hooked for life!

Danielle Buice : Atlanta, Georgia
Hey Herman, my name is Danielle and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. A week before Thanksgiving I was up in Ohio, and my cousins took me to a beer store called Vintage and I saw your hot sauce. I am always skeptical about buying hot sauces that claim they are really hot because most of the time they are not, and it really disappoints me because I love super hot food. I bought your nitro 2.0 with the ghost pepper and I love it, but I’m almost out. Will the nitro 2.0 be available soon? and if so, do you ship here?

Joseph Thurlow : Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hello I just want to take a second and thank you for making such a great product! I live in Hot Springs, AR and somehow I ended up with a bottle of the ghost chile extra hot sauce and I never want to use a different hot sauce again. Most others I have tried sacrifice flavor to reach that level of heat but your sauce does not!

Dennis Thomann : Akron, Ohio
I am a friend of Dave and Gina’s. I can’t live without this hot sauce. It is great on pizza, rice, chicken. Keep up the good work. Denny

Karen Hershberger: Indian, Pa.
If you haven’t tried Herman’s hot sauce you need to cause its the best. We come from pa just to get it. Love Herman’s hot sauce!

Darleen Shope: Vienna, Ohio
Herman’s Hot Sauce is the BEST!