In 1999 (17 years ago) I started experimenting with my own home grown vegetables in hopes of coming up with a hot sauce that had a great taste and lots of heat to go with it. An all purpose hot sauce. The first batch turned out really tasty and I started delivering samples around at work. Everyone liked the sauce and wondered if I could get them a bottle. Great! (I thought), I did as many would do and mixed a little of this, a little of that and I never really did measure out any of the ingredients.

Well through trial and error I had to re-invent “Herman’s Hot Sauce”. I had labels printed and started selling bottles at work and to friends. Everyone started telling me that I should start selling it in stores but I held back. A few years had gone by and hundreds of bottles later, I finally gave in and figured why not give it a try.

I have several customers now that will add Herman’s to Frank’s to increase the flavor and heat level. I did not care for that info at first but then thought if they are adding Herman’s to Frank’s it is a compliment!!!! NICE!

You can also try “Herman’s” at our local Ohio “Canfield Fair” on 10 of the DiRusso’s Sausage stands. I have been selling bottles from the sausage stands each year and have really been surprised at the pick up in sales. Just, a few dashes of “Herman’s” really wakes up a sausage sandwich!!!

Our sauces have been shipped to many different states and now we are looking at the introduction of Herman’s into grocery stores and eating establishments. Because of the increased sales we have started to have our sauces made for us and will continue the path we started over 13 years ago, producing an excellent hot sauce and most of all, “getting everyone’s taste buds going”. Of all the bottles that I have sold the feed back always comes back the same, Plenty of Heat with a Great flavor.” Most everyone that I have talked to has tried the store bought brands and the “Worlds Hottest” and has nothing good to say about the flavor. That’s not the case here; “Herman’s Hot Sauce” will not let you down. Try it on eggs, soups, dips, sauces, fish, and meat, use your imagination and enjoy! It is not just a HOT sauce but a Gourmet HOT Sauce.